What Is An Egg Timer And How It Helps?

It is quite surprising when people especially women are seen discussing that they still have trouble in poaching the egg. Well, there have been a lot of incidents that when the egg put for boil comes out all cracked and mashed in the water. People are not really aware of the timings for how many minutes they should keep it in the boiling water to get a quality boiled egg.

egg timer What Is An Egg Timer And How It Helps?

Egg timers

Eggs are favorite items and are used widely for end number of reasons. Because of the reason these are healthy and do not put a lot of calories to your body, it is the most preferred breakfast food item for adults and kids.

Eggs are the only items that are eatable round the season, hence learning the right way to cook will give you lots of egg dishes to savor.

Boiled eggs are anytime favorite thing that is eaten when hungry. Since, there are major goof-ups seen when boiling the eggs, the majority of the people have left the traditional method of boiling and have turned to microwave.

But to tell you – it is really easy if you can use egg timer instead.

You don’t need high end kitchen gadgets in order to create some celebrity chef food. However, there are some kitchen essential items that every kitchen desires. Amongst the usual grinder, mixer, peeler, shredders you are forgetting to include one item i.e. Egg timer.

To cook well isn’t about getting the type and amount of ingredients right, but it is about the overall cooking time. Some people are born experts in cooking, who doesn’t find it hard to match the frequency with their cooking time – it just clicks right by the instinct whereas other are having hard timing in getting the things right especially when it comes to eggs.

How Egg Timer Helps

Now it is easy to hard boil an egg perfectly with the help of egg timer. To cook an egg without a crack and no mess is an art and part of science. Too much heat can ruin your egg and it crack open up the egg leading to good amount of mess in the water. Plus the taste is also spoiled and you are not able to use it for any other preparation.

Using the egg timer will give you an accurate estimate of the time to cook your eggs. Whether you are going to eat your eggs boiled or will be using the same for any other preparation, it is pleasure to see that your eggs are intact and perfectly boiled.

Egg timers are great kitchen devices that help you correctly gauge the cooking time of the egg. Because it is practically impossible to tell how far the egg has been cooked, looking at the shell the egg timer helps you with the same. The egg timer is a brilliant device that keeps a tab on the time required to boil an egg. These days, these timers are also finding in-built in microwaves and these are now widely used to set and measure the required time for cooking other essential items as well.


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