5 Reasons to Get Best Vegetable Chopper and Slicer for your Kitchen

Vegetable chopper and slicer is a must have device in the kitchen. This not only eases your everyday tasks but also helps in saving much time which can be utilized for many other core jobs in your home. For people who are passionate about using time saving gadgets in their kitchen love using these manual vegetable slicer and chopper in their kitchen.

Well, there are many reasons why getting a vegetable chopper and slicer is necessary for a modern kitchen. Here we list out top 5 reasons which will clearly state that why getting a best vegetable chopper and slicer for your kitchen is most important. Check these out.

Vegetable Chopper

Manual Vegetable Chopper

1- Ideal for daily use

Vegetable chopper and slicer are available in small size or as big sized food processors. However small sized manually operated vegetable chopper and slicer is a most popular as the device can do the same task a bigger unit does in a practical manner.

These tools are perfect for daily use for a household of 4 people. It works with good speed and has high quality plastic container. It powerfully chops and minces hard fruits, vegetables and cooked items.

2- Easy to clean and highly durable

Manual vegetable chopper and slicer are most preferred for small families as compared to electric vegetable choppers. These come with a top that you can easily grip with one hand.

However if you want to prepare food in large quantities you may consider getting an electric vegetable slicer and chopper. Both of these choppers (whether electric or manual) are easily cleanable and comes with highly durable plastic bowl which is perfect for daily use. It is slip resistant under running water and equipped with stainless steel blades for safe use on dishwasher.

3- Easy to dismantle

Manual as well as electric vegetable choppers are easy to dismantle as it is made of very few parts. You can easily put them back together after cleaning.

Manual choppers and slicers are mostly preferred due to low cost. It has an ergonomic design which is easy to hold. You can easily clean it under your sink and moreover, the unit can be used to make baby food (according to some moms) because it can liquidize certain foods.

4- Quick chopping and slicing

Many users report that an electric vegetable chopper/ slicer can chop items within seconds. For example, it can chop onions within 3 seconds. Persons who hate to handle garlic and onions by hand will find cooking great with this tool.

Basically an electronic vegetable chopper has two knobs to provide you with 2 level speeds. One is to dice tough stuffs like nuts and the second is to chop somewhat softer items. The tool is outstandingly straightforward to function, you just need to put the items inside the device, close the cover, press the switch and get the chopped items ready within seconds.

5- Decreases the overall food preparation time 

Vegetable chopper and slicer helps you to prepare meals by quickly chopping food items like onions, vegetables and other ingredients in less than half the time.

A best vegetable chopper and slicer can also help to chop herbs, chunky salsa, nuts and many other food items. Moreover, salad dressings or bread crumbs can be made in an instant whenever you need. If you are living in a big joint family you may consider getting a electric vegetable slicer and chopper instead of manual one.

What I Personally Use and Recommend?

Progressive International Folding Mandoline Slicer is a slicer that I love using in my kitchen. It is designed for the use over a bowl or cutting surface. It slices in six different methods that gives you thin, super thin and thick slices and does julienne slices also. It comes with a grip handle that is provides comfort in holding and a finger guard. It is safe to be used in dishwasher too.

If you find any problem in using the tool, you are suggested to read the user manual. Also it is highly recommended that you clean the chopper once you used it for keeping it healthy and hygienic for next usage.

There are many brand new vegetable choppers available in the market to choose from. Look and find out the most efficient and cost effective vegetable chopper for your kitchen. Before buying a chopper or a slicer make sure that you check the purposes that need to be met by the best vegetable slicer and chopper you choose.