Charcoal Grill or Natural Gas Grills: Which One Should You Opt For and Why?

The availability of different varieties of grilling options always puzzle us and we never come to a final decision about which one to buy and why. The two most prominent options, when it comes to grilling, are Charcoal Grill and Natural Gas grill. Each one has its own advantage and disadvantages. And we often get confused about which one should be considered as the winner or the best one that should be bought.

The discussion (gas grills vs charcoal grills) to determine which one is the best is going on for decades. And here we try to simplify the discussion!

Charcoal or Natural Gas Grills

Better Flavor with Charcoal Grills

The advantage of a charcoal grill is that the flavor that it leaves on the cooked food is just awesome. The slowly cooked meat on the charcoal grill adds the smoky flavor to the food. The gas grills can also be used to cook food slowly. But as far as flavor is concerned, charcoal grill is always a winner.

Although charcoal grill is good for adding flavor to the cooked items, natural gas grills have more advantages than the charcoal grills. The below points will help you to understand how the natural gas grills have an upper hand on the charcoal grills.

Natural Gas Grills: Easy To Cook and Clean

Charcoal grill is not as convenient when compared to the gas grill. At the time of using charcoal grills first you need to gather the coal, light it up, wait till it produce the needed heat and then cook. TheĀ natural gas grills are more convenient in this regard. As no coal is used, it can be just turned Onto start the cooking and grilling.

Some of the gas grills come with accessories like rotisserie burner. Rotisserie burner provides you with many more possibilities or options, not just the ordinary grilling. This makes your cooking easier. Along with grilling, you can also use the side burners in the gas grills to warm side dish, boil corn etc.

Furthermore when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, gas grill can be cleaned in an easier way as compared to charcoal grills. And there is no need to take tension about disposing the ash with these types of grills.

Gas Grills: Enjoy And Relax while Cooking and Grilling

Gas grills have more advantages than charcoal grills as it can also be used for cooking food slowly and does not demand the continuous checking to see whether the grill has become short of coal. You can enjoy the time and can relax while cooking.

On the other hand when you are using charcoal grills, you always need to attend the cooking and grilling so that food does not over grill or burn.

Natural gas grills may come with lots of other accessories which are quite unique and offer additional features. Shelves for containing the condiments, helpful LEDs during the dusk and many others are great to have which makes the cooking easier and fun.

Gas Grills: Environment Friendly and Good for Families

Above all, Natural gas grills also helps the environment from air pollution as these are environment friendly.

People who uses charcoal grills often claims about the smoke emission due to which other family members find it hard to go near to the cooking place.

But as in the case of gas grills no smoke emission is made, the place around the cooking place can be used by the family members including people who are allergic to smoke.

Natural Gas Grills: Easy On Your Pocket in Long Run

Even though the charcoal grill provides you with smoky flavored delicious food, it is really slow. And for this reason the fuel used in gas grills lasts longer than as compared in charcoal grills.

Each time we cook, we have to buy charcoal in the case of charcoal grill. But if we consider the fuel consumption in natural gas grill, the fuel can be used multiple times and lasts for many months, if moderate grilling is done. Thus gas grills are most cost effective as compared to the charcoal grill.

The initial cost might be less for charcoal grill compared to the gas grill but on a long run, the charcoal grill will cost you more.

To Conclude:

From the above discussion it is clear that apart from the smoky flavor given to food, the natural gas grill proves itself as the winner in so many aspects.

So if you are planning to buy a grill for your kitchen or outdoors, go for the natural gas grill. However if you are particular only about flavor and nothing else matters, then you can go for the charcoal grills for sure.