Gas Cooker Vs Solar Cooker: Which Is Better And Why?

Choosing between a gas and solar cooker can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are buying with a little or no experience. However, people of this generation have a good experience in cooking and due to this they generally have a first opinion when it comes to choose between gas and solar cooker.

Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker

Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker

Here we discuss about the key elements that should be considered when buying a cooker. A couple of factors are pointed out here that might help you in choosing between solar and gas cooker.

By comparing the advantages and drawbacks of gas and solar technology, you can choose the cooker that best meets your needs.

Gas Cooker

Gas cookers generally come with 2 or 4 burners, which may be sealed or unsealed. The surface of gas cooker may be made of porcelain-enamel, tempered-glass or stainless steel.

The heat capacity of burner is measured in BTU (British thermal unit) per hour. Some models of gas cooker are equipped with automatic reigniting burners that relight when the gas flame is blown out.

Solar Cooker

Solar cookers are devices that make use of sunlight for culinary rather than gas or electricity. They are generally used to cook outdoors and seem to be a fun addition to any camping trip.

Available in many different models such as panel cooker, box cooker and a parabolic cooker, solar cookers work in same principal – using sunlight to cook the food. Each model has been made differently according to the different situations.

Cooking benefits and drawbacks

  • Gas: Gas cookers are more preferred for cooking needs as they have different heat levels to adjust and also offer better temperature control.
  • Solar: Solar cookers take a lot of time than any other traditional cooker, so you need to cook around two times in a day. As it takes the sunlight to heat up the food, the angle and strength of sunlight affects the cooking time.

Efficiency levels

Sunflair #1 Portable Solar Oven Deluxe

Sunflair #1 Portable Solar Oven Deluxe

  • Gas: Gas cookers are maximum energy efficient than that of solar models. It costs less than half than that of other types of cookers.
  • Solar: Solar cookers can’t retain unused energy and you can use it only in direct sunlight. If you want to cook a delicious meal, you need to make it done when the sun in on. Most people prefer to use it as an alternative choice when gas is over or while camping outside.

Maintenance and Repairs

Gas: Gas cookers take a lot of time to clean after each cooking. The unit seems to have a good amount of repairs in order to keep it operating safely.

Solar: Solar cooker has a smooth surface that one can manage quickly and easily cleanup.

Final Considerations

Gas:  You will want to take care of many risks that are related to gas cookers. Undetected leak of carbon monoxide due to pilot light in the gas stove can lead to deadly circumstances.

Besides, the fire can also lead to risks if it is from unnoticed leaks. You will want to keep igniting things at a safe distance from the gas cooker. More complex ventilation systems are also required.

Solar: Solar cookers do not pose any life threatening situations mentioned above. Important things you have to keep in mind are to complete culinary tasks when the sunlight is best available. You can’t do culinary using sunlight once the sun is down for the day.

To conclude, keep these things in mind and choose the most appropriate option that meets your culinary needs in the best possible manner.