Koolatron KWC-4 Mini Fridge Review: You Will Simply Love It

Are you looking over to cool your favorite beverages in less time? Well, how about Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge. This Koolatron mini fridge has become people’s favorite for it customary, exclusive use to cool the sodas and cold drinks.

This is ideal for dorms, kitchens, work shop, game room, picnics, offices, living room and anywhere you feel like carrying.

The reason you are going to love this Koolatron kwc-4 mini fridge is, it’s quite portable and compact and is easy to carry. Not just sodas, but you can put cheese, a piece of chicken, yogurt or any food stuff that you want to it during traveling or requires chilling.

The best thing about this fridge is it doesn’t require a heap of area and it is the cutest Koolatron fridge ever available. The features are really amazing and you cannot get them under any other brand.

Koolatron kwc-4 mini fridge is furnished with the vibrant red exterior with white Coca-cola trademark on it. It measures 11 x 8 x 11 inches. You can store up to 6 twelve ounce cans of soda or other beverages. The unit cools up to 32 degrees below its ambient temperature.

What’s So Great About This Koolatron KWC-4 Mini Fridge

Great Design: The interior and exterior are furnished with great quality. It has got a fantastic chic look that quickly attracts the eyes. People find this unit too cute for their kitchen and love adding favorite cooling beverages while they are traveling.

Runs Quiet: Unlike other units, this Koolatron mini fridge sits quietly where placed, because of the way it is been made the mechanism is simple and basic that offers proper ventilation and takes care of other thing like intake and exhaust of air. The buzzing is never felt.

Portability: Because of its size, it is exceedingly mobile to carry. This mini fridge can be easily carried and placed since it doesn’t require so much of space.

Self-locking recessed door handle which is an additional feature that comes with this exciting mini fridge.

What’s Not So Great About This Koolatron KWC-4 Mini Fridge

No XL size: If you are thinking to store quite many stuff then review it size again since it is a mini fridge. This miniature creature carries only limited amount of your beverages or other things but not too much.

No High-End Features: There is no temperature control or other buttons given for setting the temperature. The unit maintains it temperature on its own. This is one adverse point that people may find it approving.

Overall this Koolatron kwc-4 mini fridge proves to be an excellent purchase with state of the art thermoelectric module. You have to do no worrying about over-heating, and its a great buy for many outdoor events. It is offered at a very economical price thus making it easy buy for the budget conscious people.

If you are interested in comparing few more models in mini fridge before buying one, here we review some more popular models for you. You may check them out and choose the one that suits you best for your requirement.

Few Other Koolatron Mini Fridge Models To Check

Coca Cola Retro Fridge Review

This stylish Coca Cola Retro Fridge by Koolatron with a thermo-electric feature is the best choice as a portable storage for cold food and cool drinks. Its capacity is to hold 12oz cans and chill around 36 degrees to 20 degrees Centigrade less than the ambient temperature with the use of 12 or 110 volts of power cords. Available with removable sliding shelves, it looks great in any corner of the home and perfect for your game room as well.

Being light weight, portable and compact, it is the right choice of every person to have and enjoy cool drinks at any point of time. In case of exterior dimension, it is 10.75 inches in length, 13.5 inches in width and 19.25 inches in height. No assembly required as it is portable to any location.

1.7 Cubic Feet AC/DC Heat Pipe Fridge Review

This Koolatron 1.7 cubic foot AC-DC – cooler with Heat Pipe Technology is an amazing product which is easy to set up in the form of an excellent addition to the office or home. Its small design is what lets it fit in any space and keep your food and drinks chilled to taste fresh all through the day.

Its whisper quiet operation features and compressed flush back design is amazing with a super efficient heat release method that reaches colder temperatures in an easy way.

To the point, it is perfect to use for a boat, truck or trailer due to its adjustable temperature control feature and auto defrost system. Besides this, it is equipped with adjustable temperature control, interior light and a removable shelf for easy use in any condition.

Koolatron P65 Kargo 12v Portable Cooler Review

This innovative Kooltatron P65 Kargo cooler holds 33 quart capacity and characteristics; you have a split lid in the form of door design to allow easy access to your snacks and favorite drinks. It is easy to carry even in a packed vehicle as it consumes less place and portable. The Kargo cooler plugs into 12 volt DC power supply which is available in cigarette lighter point of your vehicle.

Its state of the art thermo-electric cooler component cools drinks and foods to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the outside high temperature. Being perfect for the sports events, dorm rooms, camping and road trips, you can flip the power cord of the cooler to change this genius machine into a warmer to place casseroles or warm the fast foods.

Koolatron KWCXJ6 Coca-Cola 9-Can-Capacity Mini Fridge Review

Koolatron KWCXJ6 Coca-Cola 9-Can-Capacity Mini Fridge is the best choice to personalize with your favorite beverages and canned foods. Available with a 7 liter capacity, it holds 12 ounce cans of soda for getting through the final weeks or to keep the sports fans cheerful all through the game.

Its solid state thermo-electric cooling system feature is awesome as it keeps the drinks cool. The self-locking lower-level door handle is something which gives a good look with a removable shelf. The vibrant red exterior with coca-cola trademark in white turns heads of the fans and people over its design and functions. In case of size and measurement, it is 11x11x14 inches to carry to any place.