Retro Kitchen Gadgets

One of the most important places of a home is kitchen. Unlike earlier days when kitchen was used to be a place for cooking, these days the outlook of kitchens has changed a lot.

If you are looking for renewing your kitchen, renewing your kitchenware is a good choice as it is easy and cost effective. Now, the old styles are again in vogue. Retro kitchen gadgets are in fashion. Like cars, retro kitchen gadgets are gaining momentum.

 What Exactly Is Retro?

Retro encompasses a few styles from our not terribly distant past. So, a retro kitchen is one that takes various styles from the late forties to as late as the late seventies.

How to Create a Retro Kitchen?

In order to get true retro look for your kitchen, you have to consider three factors when choosing for retro kitchen gadgets. They are a space age fixture, a reproduction and a vintage sign.  A balance between the three would be the most effective.

When you are trying to get retro look for your kitchen, you need to think about color. Black and white checked floors; brightly colored countertops are some good ideas.

However, you can try white and blur combination as well. Painting walls in a third color is another good option. Ensure the color of the wall match with your appliances.

retro kitchen gadgets 300x281 Retro Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets play vital role to get retro look. Your retro kitchen gadgets should provide modern conveniences such as lots of storage place in the fridge, energy efficiency, compatibility with modern outlet etc.

It is important to consider quality and efficiency equal value to appearance. Let’s see some classic retro kitchen gadgets.

Some Deliciously Retro Kitchen Gadgets

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is one of the best retro kitchen gadgets. It is solid, stable model with distinctive red finish. Another great retro kitchen gadget is Dualit Lite toaster.

It is a four slice toaster and is a great gadget for a large family breakfast. Breville Wake cup is another good choice of retro kitchen gadget. It gives freshly brewed instant coffee or tea.

Another great retro kitchen gadget is Smeg freezer. This classic 1950, inspired freezer comes in red, black, cream and orange.

Franchis Franchis Illy Coffee machine boasts the same retro styling .Robert Revival RD-60 digital radio, La cafetiere kettle, Kenwood kMix stand mixer, Samson 6 – in – 1 juicer, Gorenje fridge freezer are some of perfect retro kitchen gadgets that help to get retro look for your kitchen.

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