Retro Kitchen Gadgets Are “In” This Season: Try Them Out!

One of the most important places of a home is our kitchen. Unlike earlier days when kitchen was used to be a place for cooking only, these days the outlook of kitchens has changed a lot. This is not just a place for cooking your food, but it serves a lot more.

When we count the three basic necessities of life, we say they are food, clothing and shelter. Food is always given a preference, thus goes the saying that to an empty stomach food is God. Food for some it is a necessity, used for sustenance and for some it is a passion.

Today being a chef, or a cookbook author, or a cookery show are all coveted professions, simply because some people eat to live while others live to eat. But at the same time we have to keep in mind that kitchen innovations are also on the rise.

If you are looking for renewing your kitchen, renewing your kitchenware and gadgets is a good choice as it is easy and cost effective way. Now, the old styles are again in vogue as retro kitchen gadgets are in fashion. Like cars, retro kitchen gadgets are gaining momentum and are appearing in most of our modern kitchens.

What Exactly Is “Retro” and How to Create a Retro Kitchen Look?

Retro encompasses a few styles from our not terribly distant past. So, a retro kitchen is one that takes various styles from the late forties to as late as the late seventies.

In order to get a true retro look for your kitchen, you have to consider three factors when you are choosing for retro kitchen gadgets. They are a space age fixture, a reproduction and a vintage sign.  A balance between the three would be the most effective.

When you are trying to get retro look for your kitchen, you need to think about color. Black and white checked floors; brightly colored counter-tops, bright colors of kitchen gadgets and more are some good ideas. However, you can try white and blur combination as well.

Painting walls in a third color is another good option. Just ensure the color of the wall match with your cool kitchen gadgets in the kitchen.

Kitchen gadgets plays a vital role to get retro look. Your retro kitchen gadgets should provide modern conveniences such as lots of storage place in the fridge, energy efficiency, compatibility with modern outlet etc. It is therefore important to consider quality and efficiency equally well to appearance.

Let’s see some classic retro kitchen gadgets that can tried out in your kitchen and makes the work easier too.

Some Deliciously Retro Kitchen Gadgets

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is one of the best retro kitchen gadgets. It is solid, stable model with distinctive red finish.

Another great retro kitchen gadget is Dualit Lite toaster. It is a four slice toaster and is a great gadget for a large family breakfast.

Breville Wake cup is another good choice of retro kitchen gadget. It gives freshly brewed instant coffee or tea.

Another great retro kitchen gadget is Smeg freezer. This classic 1950, inspired freezer comes in red, black, cream and orange.

Franchis Franchis Illy Coffee machine boasts the same retro styling. Robert Revival RD-60 digital radio, La cafetiere kettle, Kenwood kMix stand mixer, Samson 6 – in – 1 juicer, Gorenje fridge freezer are some perfect retro kitchen gadgets that help to get retro look for your kitchen.

Besides all these there are many more useful kitchen gadgets that not only helps to give you kitchen a vintage look but also ensure that you find them useful too while cooking. Let us check them out here.

retro kitchen gadgets

Top 10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That Makes Your Task Easier in Kitchen

Be it kitchen appliances, gadget, tools or kits, or utensils, there is a surge in demand of these things, not simply because they make work easier but also they responsible for making the kitchen look like the best room in the house. The top 10 must have kitchen gadgets are the following.

1-  Toast “N” Egg makers: Toast and eggs are an irresistible combination. Imagine if you could get the best of both worlds. Well, it is possible with Toast “n” Egg makers. This ensures that you boil or poach up to four eggs along with toast; quick and delicious breakfast ready in a jiffy.

2- Cork Opener: The next cool gadgets for your kitchen to make it to this list is the cork opener. No need to be embarrassed in front of guests anymore while opening corks in the party. This clever kitchen gadget will help you to pop any cork and raise a toast to any joyous occasion.

3- Digital Food Scales: Third on this list is the digital food scales. No hassles at all while you want to prepare perfect recipes with smart measurements. Just place the food, fruit or vegetable on the digital kitchen scale to get the exact weight. This smart kitchen gadget helps you to measure the weight and use the ingredients effectively in complicated recipes where meticulous measurement is required. And since it is digital, you get the exact readings.

4- Coffee Maker: It is often said that we have to wake up and smell the coffee. Most of the times we take this in the figurative sense and not the literal sense, but on this list this gadget talks about coffee literally. The perfect coffee machine like from the house of DeLongi is the perfect wake up call for you. Want fresh pressed espresso or cappuccino to get a kick in the morning, this awesome kitchen gadget is just the answer for you! Armed with a cappuccino frother, getting that perfect frothy cup of coffee is not a dream anymore.

5- A Steamer: A steamer for your kitchen is a rage nowadays because not only does it save time as it cooks entire meals at one go, but also because the steam ensures that you eat healthy and stay trim. Thus to save time and for healthy food you should must have this useful kitchen gadget in your home.

6- Thermometer Fork: When cooking a fancy dish, most chefs would tell you that the temperature at which you are cooking or curing the meat is essential, but how do you measure the exact temperature in the kitchen? With the thermometer fork of course. It looks like a fork but has a thermometer attached to it, which measures the temperature when you insert it in the meat or in any food.

7- Flavor Shaker: Flavour shaker, which is a limited edition, can be used to crush, mix or grind your favourite spices to add that extra zing. This is one of the must have unique kitchen gadgets for that perfect taste you want in your dishes every time you prepare for your family or friends.

8- One Touch Can Opener: Opening cans have always been a male domain that is, till now. Thanks to the West Bend Electric Can Opener, you can easily place the opener on the top of the can and watch it go around the rim and open the can in a matter of seconds with this geeky kitchen gadget. And all this is done just like a Pro, without knowing anyone 😉 that you are not actually a PRO.

9- Smoothie Maker: A kitchen is incomplete without a smoothie maker. Be it adults on the go or naughty children who refuse to eat fruits, making a smoothie not only saves time but also makes it taste and look more delicious. Thus this is a super smart kitchen gadget for you if you want to grow your kids in a healthy way.

10- Cutting knives set: Imagine half peeled or oddly cut vegetables and fruits stealing your thunder at the dining table! Well this is a nightmare for any chef; hence the last clever kitchen gadgets on this list, though not traditionally an appliance, is a good paring or cutting knife. A good knife set in your kitchen ensures that you cut the vegetables evenly so that they look good on the serving platter and are uniformly cooked as well.

Overall, If you feel that cooking is a chore, you simply have not found the joy of cooking yet. Traditionally considered to be a female domain, today it is heartening to see that many men are willing taking up jobs in the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

Most chefs would tell you that home cooked food is the best food, and true in all respects, our mothers will always remain the best cooks to us, with a little help from some of the geeky kitchen gadgets mentioned above.