Retro Toaster in Your Kitchen: Tips to Choose Best One for Your Needs

Kitchen toasters are one of the most important appliance for every kitchen. Styled in the bold and elegant looks of the culturally exuberant past, it adds a flair and character to the kitchen. Today with the latest trend of retro culture, the retro style toasters have resulted from the interjection of retro iconography into the artistic, functional and aesthetic elements of modernity.

The Retro toaster in your kitchen bear much similarity to the modern day toasters as the basic concept behind their designs is effortless functionality and less of aesthetic appeal.

What are Retro Style Toaster and How These are Different?

These stylish toasters however vary strikingly from their modern day counterparts in term of technology, color combination and covering shape.

Retro styled toaster

The retro style toasters of modern era have dials, knobs and levers in them. Their modern counterparts have got brightly lit digital display and touch pads.

Most of the times retro looking toasters have their exteriors chromed or made up of burnished steel. People can choose other variants in pastel and white colors too which are gorgeously polished.

Some toasters wear a look that became prevalent in the mid 1960s and 70s. Such toasters have bold dots and designs patterned in magnificent colors.

Retro toasters are chic but subdued in nature. This makes them adaptable to kitchen décor of diverse nature. They never demand a complete remodeling of the kitchen to seamlessly sit into it. The best part of being retro is that apart from class, the toasters are also economical.

Good Priced Toasters Ideal for Gifting

The prices of toasters have dropped to reasonable limits owing to the fact that numerous manufacturers indicated their implicit interest in manufacturing such retro products. The stylish toasters such as Nostalgia Electrics pop up hot dog toaster are sure to add style, elegance and character to the kitchen in an inexpensive manner.

Retro toasters also makes a great gift to present to moms as they will rekindle the memories of the glorious past in them apart from adding flair to the gloomy kitchen. There is an entire spectrum of shapes and designs to choose from and toasters are available to complement any mood.

They are of superior quality, energy efficient and durable. The marvelous retro toasters are superlatives in themselves and are absolute delicacy to operate.

Some toasters have toast racks integrated in them that make them more utilitarian. The breads would love to go inside such retro masterpieces. At Amazon you may look at the best retro style toasters that will surely give your kitchen a nice unique look.

Things to Check While Buying Kitchen Toasters

Toasters are the basic and essential appliance of every household that meets your bread browning and toasting needs with more cooking function. If you are with plans to purchase a good and branded kitchen toaster, then there are certain things to consider and check.

Here is the guide that helps you to make decision in purchasing a good branded toaster for hottest breakfast.

Things to look for giving preference

  • Look for the wide openings which have a mechanism to adjust and hold the thick and thin bread piece.
  • Choose a 4 slice toaster instead of 2 bread slice toaster as it has two long slots and proves to be good for toasting many slices at a time for the family.
  • Look for a kitchen toaster that has a lever to lift the bread up so that you can take out the slices of the slot easily.
  • Check whether the toaster has a dial to control the heat as a few of the models have the adjustments for toasting bagels, defrosting bread or warming a piece of toast again.
  • Consider the size and space saving design with handle as it must be easy to place in the cabinet and use whenever required.
  • Check for the removable crumb tray, cord storage, high carriage bread lifter and affordable price.

Believe it or not, a toaster is more important to have the first meal of the day yummy and nutritious. Here we list down 3 great breakfast maker by Nostalgia which makes your breakfast making task easier and faster.

Nostalgia Electrics HDT-600RETRORED Retro Series Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster Review

If you are in the market for your quickie snack fix unit, then Nostalgia Electrics Hot Dog Toaster would be perfect for you. The reason to choose this pop up hot dog toaster is straight forward. It offers a great convenient way to enjoy hot dogs and most importantly it has fabulous retro look. Women are surely going to love them in their kitchen since; the colour is so gorgeously attractive to which saying no is unquestionable.

Not only for preparing fast breakfast but this nostalgia hot dog toaster is perfect for any small gathering/party at your place. It helps you with the quick meal solutions, along with making the toast. It allows you to toast bread, bagels, hot dogs buns and entire hot dogs and much more. It does not require specialized cleaning since; the parts are removable and can be cleaned under regular dishwasher cleaning.

Compactness is a great feature of this toaster which makes this as a perfect breakfast maker for small kitchens. The toaster does not require too much of space as it fits easily in the corner of your kitchen countertop. Also you can place it on your dining table for flexibility of serving the food. The unit is petite hence; it can be easily shoved in one of your kitchen cupboard when not used.

There is a little basked in which the hot dogs are slid inside feels small compared to hot dogs. When the hot dogs are done the customers have felt inconvenient in removing or sometime breaks into pieces.

Overall this toaster unit is perfect choice for the hot dog lovers that come with 90 days warranty period. This toaster is affordable and doesn’t require deep cleaning hence; all in all the worthy purchase for your money.

Nostalgia RTOS200 Retro Series ’50s Style 2-Slice Toaster Review

The Nostalgia RTOS200 Retro Series ’50s Style 2-Slice Toaster is a great designed great-looking retro piece breakfast maker for busy families.

It is inexpensive and offers a most convenient way of preparing the perfect toast of bagel every morning. The illuminated control buttons are offered for easy functionality which shows about what function is used. Also it has a removable crumb tray which makes the cleaning of the appliance easy.

It provides its consumer the fun look, then those typical mid-range toasters. The physical look is quite an eye-catching making it desirable to have it for your kitchen. These days retro look is very much in and this toaster has got all the glossy finish to allure the customers.

This Nostalgia retro series toaster offers simple operation to function with 5 browning control levels for different groups of people. If you are thinking of having the unit with too many flashy controls on it, then you are surely going to disappoint. This have limited adjustment controls that offers practical cooking not multitude cooking.

This nostalgia retro series toaster also offer cord storage at the bottom of the unit and works at 750 watts. You can buy this at stores like Amazon where it is offered at a very affordable cost.

Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Series Convection Toaster Oven Review

Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED retro series convection toaster offers fast, convenient and easy way to relish your meals. With this smart Nostalgia retro series convection toaster oven you can make quick toasts, snacks, pizzas and much more. Not only is this useful for preparing your breakfast fast but also it is useful for preparing meals at night super quick.

Most of times you are worried about baking, toasting, convection baking or broiling a quick and energy efficient meal. What if you can find all these things available in one single machine? May be you do not believe it! But, this really saves great deal of time and gives you the healthy and nutritious breakfast for your day.

Fortunately you have a smart retro kitchen appliance for all this purpose. Using the Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED Retro Series Toaster Oven helps you prepare all your meals at time.

This Nostalgia convection toaster comes with a high temperature resistant glass design and a stainless steel heating element. You can easily adjust the temperature between 200-450 degrees. The controls are easily adjustable as per the temperature you want for your food.

The convection toaster offers quick meal solution, and even better when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. Its removable drip tray makes easy clean up. The 22-liter capacity of the oven helps in preparing two pizzas (12-inch) or toasts (up to 6 slices).

There is a 60 minutes timer with bell ring along with the power light indicator which makes the cooking easy. The unit is also provided with the aluminium baking pan and two nickel plated racks. Also there are four stage heating selector (upper heating, lower heating, upper & lower heating, OFF) that can be used for varied uses.