Retro Kitchens: Again Getting Popular In This Modern Era

Retro kitchens are making a comeback. If you are thinking how this 1950s style will look, then you might have misunderstood the styling thing. Vintage style kitchens may look oldies, but they are fashioned with latest features, which means the kitchen appliance and the décor is retro, but entire functioning and performance is geared up in latest technological way.

Achieving a vintage looking kitchen doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and leg. Also, you need not demolish your kitchen and start remodeling from scratch. Not everyone can afford to do so, hence adding simple and basic things to your kitchen will certainly help you get the retro look you desire.

Whether you prefer space/atomic look or the diner look there are lots of different resources out there through which you will find amazing ideas and suggestion and all that much in cost effective way. Below mentioned are some of the easy ways to incorporate to get your desired kitchen look without breaking your bank account. Just have a look at them.

Retro kitchen

Accent & Main Colors For Retro Kitchen

Today, retro designing and furnishing has a different meaning, it is more of retro mod thing. This has transformed into some new design world and new color scheming. You can opt for some of the below mentioned popular color schemes such as:

Red:  The color gives the classic diner look. You can add it to your counter-tops, floors or get red appliances as well as cabinets.

Turquoise: This color was famous as it was termed as a space age color. Right from refrigerator to other small appliances you will find this color commonly available.

Yellow: Again a refreshing color, but only go for this color when you have certain combination in your mind. Remember while gathering a retro kitchen; ensure that it doesn’t look mix-matched.

Pink: It is a girly color, so you need to know and act as per mutual consent if you are staying with the family. Some might not like the feel of the color, but otherwise it is a cute and cool color to have.

Adding Retro Style Wall Décor, Stools & Pub Tables

There are thousands of ideas to liven up walls in retro style. Anything from kit-kat clocks to pin-up girls, this is truly an amazing idea that transforms your kitchen to retro look without spending mega bucks. You can break up that monotonous combination and add some jazzy color or texture to spice up the look. Also, you can hang some vintage boards, chalkboards, vintage postcards, vintage coke advt etc.

Nothing fancy or isn’t compulsion to have only retro styled stools and pubs. With just chrome plated or Formica style which takes your kitchen décor right back to that 1950s soda style.

Now a day, there is no shortage when it comes to upgrade your kitchen from simple to retro one. These days there are many manufacturers coming up with variety of retro appliances.

You will find lots of them suiting your style and budget. There are refrigerator, microwave, gas-stove, toasters, juicer-grinder, coffeemaker, etc. If not all, you can have some chrome accessories designed in retro style. Just check them more at this site and have fun.