7 Best Saeco Coffee Maker: Reviews & Buyers Guide

All of us like fresh grounded coffee, and have seen people spending on it like anything. The frequency of visiting coffee shop has increased in recent years which however doesn’t offers fresh espresso.

Why not instead buy a good espresso coffee machine? Saeco coffee machine offers perfect blended coffee machine that just know how you would prefer your coffee.


Saeco espresso makers are well-known across the globe for providing great tasting coffees and cappuccino.

In true sense the brand holds the innovative line of espresso machine that hits the market from time to time.

Of course like other brands, you do not have to spend mega bucks on it, as the coffee machines are aimed keeping in mind a common man buying limitations.

Today, it has acknowledged such a repo with their variety of features, makes and models that they stand out exclusive among other coffee machines.

You might be bothered with this since; you may not have heard the name or you don’t know how it could turn out to be. For those of you who dont know much about Saeco coffee makers, let me tell you that Saeco is an Italian company having its main office in Bologna. The company was found in year 1976.

They are the top manufacturer when it comes to coffee espresso machines. With their offices spread across world-wide, it has remained top choice by the people when it comes to coffee machine. Rest be assured, you are having an A-one brand for your everyday coffee so it is completely safe and sound to invest in this machine.

Saeco coffee machine offers an effortless operation i.e. keep it simple.

All you require to do is get the water heating up and place the filter including espresso coffee beans into the machine and just switch on the tab to activate the brewing.

The coffee machine from this brand is low on your energy bills hence; you can get your fresh coffee without worrying on the consumption bills. believe me, Coffee brewing was never been so easy and affordable before!

Best Saeco Coffee Maker Reviews: Top Models To Check And Compare

There is not one single feature that you will find unimpressive. The coffee, espresso brewing is great with simple, non-complex operational features.

If you are looking for an inexpensive espresso machine, then Saeco offers you great tasting espresso coffee.

Below we list down some of the top popular models that can be checked out when you want to buy Philips Saeco coffee maker online.

1- SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

With SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, you can easily enjoy your favorite coffee with family and friends in the garden or in the living room.

Thanks to the special and outstanding multi-user functions where 6 personal user outlines can be formed and for each of the profile, 9 cups of coffee can be personalized.

Unique Features of this Philips Saeco espresso machine include:

  • It is equipped with 100% ceramic grinders as these grinders grind without overheating the coffee beans to get a perfect espresso.
  • The ceramic gives long lasting performance and a quiet process in every use.
  • Has double boiler for professional and fast results.
  • Its dual and self-regulating heating process lets you make many cups of cappuccino and Macchiato without any fault in performance.
  • Easy in functions to enjoy the milk specialties with the dual chamber technology
  • No matter what quality bean you use, this coffee machine intellectual adapting system for sure will optimize the grinding cycles to get an exact brewing quantity of your favorite coffee.
  • Easy to clean and de-scale
  • Has one click detachable brewing group

2- Philips Saeco RI9724/47 Incanto Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Introducing as a top part of the Incanto automatic coffee machine models, this Phillips Saeco Automatic Espresso Stainless coffee machine with outstanding features and program is a right choice to handle coffee making task in an easy way.

This Saeco automatic coffee machine LCD digital display, ceramic disc grinder and 3 programmable beverage settings are wonderful to use and get a coffee shop quality coffee in your kitchen in a short time.

Unique Features of this this Philips Saeco espresso machine include:

  • Allows to adjust coffee length, strength and temperature
  • Rapid steam technology that allows to bubble the milk and turn espresso into a latte or cappuccino
  • Has adjustable dispensing head which can hold large cups and can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Removable of 68 oz water tank with Aqua Prima water filter
  • Ergonomic in everyday use and operations
  • Automatically cleans the coffee circuit with water before starting up of switching off
  • Delivers fresh and aromatic coffee
  • Gives easy cleaning with removable brewing group as it can be removed and rinse under the tap to clean and ensure utmost hygiene

3- SAECO HD8775/48 Philips Minuto Focus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

This Philips Automatic Espresso machine delivers the genuine bean to have the best coffee cup experience initially.

Its dual pressure lever, utmost convenience and with top-notch presentation and large capacities in extra compact dimensions are just right to choose this machine and enhance your collection of kitchen appliances.

Unique Features of this Philips Saeco espresso machine include:

  • Is a super automatic espresso machine which does everything right from grinding the beans to brewing and expelling the puck with just a single press of the button
  • Suitable for beginner level coffee shops or to those who desire to enjoy coffee at home
  • Comes with a pump driven machine which forces water through the grinds with the use of an internal pump
  • The machine is equipped with 15 bars of pressure to deliver great tasting coffee
  • New patented automatic milk frother for a single touch foam
  • No more burnt coffee as 100% ceramic grinders maintain the aroma of the coffee with fully automatic rinsing and de-scaling
  • Comes with a adjustable grinder to play with the coffee aroma and richness

4- SAECO Pure Automatic Espresso Machine

Experience a genuine and simple way of making espresso with this Saeco pure automatic espresso machine which is convenient to use right from the first moment.  As the middle of the day treat, tale complete advantages of this included panarello and treat your family and friends with a smooth, creamy and frothy coffee cup.

Unique Features of this Saeco coffee maker include:

  • This machine brews at a perfect 15BAR pump pressure and produces a smooth shot of lungo or espresso every time
  • Its adjustable spout gives plenty of clearance to hold your cup
  • Presents amazing grind settings as you need to choose from 5 diverse grind settings with the included metal grinder
  • Whips a frothy milk based beverage with the incorporated panarello
  • Fully automatic in rinsing and descaling
  • The stainless steel boiler and quick heating system lets you get coffee in short time without stopping
  • Saves your desired coffee extent
  • Easy to clean as the machine features a removable brew group which pops out with just a click without any effort

5- SAECO X-Small Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-In Grinder

This X-small Automatic Espresso Machine is one of the smallest divisions of the bean to cup family with a good design and functionality. It prepares an excellent and your favorite and intense aromatic beverage with just a single touch to the button.

No issue of leaving your counter top messy with different coffee ingredients as this little machine delivers barista flavor coffee with everyday easy maintenance as well.

Unique Features of this Saeco coffee maker with grinder include:

  • Provides remove, rinse and re-insert feature to maintain super automatic performance at its best
  • Has an adjustable grinder which preserves the coffee aroma without any overheating
  • The Xsmall enters the stand-by-mode after one hour automatically and draws less energy
  • Let you set your chosen water volume with a pair of programmable buttons
  • Gives Auto circuit cleaning which is easy to follow and rinse the coffee circuit
  • You can enjoy with the coffee aroma and its richness with the presented adjustable grinders
  • Thanks to the automatic cleaning circuit to clean the machine in an easy way, fill the water reservoir and clear the deposit box

6- Philips Saeco RI9366/47 Via Venezia Espresso Machine, Black

Regular and boring trip to the nearby coffee shop is something which let you to opt for a new way to enjoy top quality coffee from your comfort place. Understanding your desire, you have Saeco Via Venzia manual espresso machine which features a pressurized portafilter to makes sure that you get excellent coffee in less time.

It includes an ESE pod adapter and let you use prepackaged, single serve shots at your ease. You will be able to create a variety of beverage drinks with this advanced and efficient machine.

Unique Features of this  Philips Saeco espresso machine include:

  • Produces Rich, creamy and aromatic coffee at your home.
  • It’s easy to create true Italian espresso coffee feature is something attractive to enjoy the rich layer of the coffee with fragrant taste.
  • Has control buttons, Pannarello steam wand to froth milk and hot water to brew easily
  • Cup warming surface holds nearly 6 espresso cups
  • Available with 68 ounce capacity water tank which is easy to remove for refilling and cleaning
  • Systematically tested and guaranteed

7- Saeco Easy Fill 10-Cup Automatic Drip Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, Stainless Steel

This easy to fill drip coffee machine from Saeco is designed with a customary shape, unconventional features and benefits. Its fully brushed stainless steel cover highlights the smooth and contemporary shape of the coffee machine.

With easy and full front access, there is no need to drag the machine out from the cupboard. Those who enjoy coffee after every meal and snack are lucky to have this Saeco automatic coffee machine with wonderful features.

Unique Features of this  Philips Saeco coffee maker include:

  • Its water tank and filter basket are fully handy from the machine front
  • 10 Cup coffee maker with thermal carafe
  • The filter basket, water tank and the good tone filter are placed together in a single removable drawer
  • Easy to clean regularly and makes sure that the water is clean and always fresh
  • Comes with a programmable control panel which is extra-large with blue blacklit LCD display which presents all the settings and functions of the machine
  • Has 1-4 cup option, adjustable aroma settings and programmable to keep warm time.
  • Pause and serve feature permits to dispense a cup of coffee, while the coffee maker is still brewing
  • Presents auto shut off feature with programmable control panel

Why To Choose Saeco Coffee Maker Machine?

An espresso coffee machine which is suitable for the home as well as for office can completely fulfil your expectations of being the best machine for you. You just need to identify the best brand which could cater to your specific needs.

Built with latest technology and possessing unique design Saeco Espresso Machines has a unique blend of coffee maker that makes your coffee for everybody suiting as per the various tastes in your house.

If you are fascinated about the uniqueness, then check more about these Saeco Espresso Machines at stores such as Amazon. Besides, being vintage item the brand hasn’t compromised on its features and functionality.

You would find them working great with all that new knick and knacks. It is really a coffee machine that impresses you every morning with its hot brewing espresso coffee.