Best Suck UK Products and Gadgets for Your Kitchen: Your Kids will Just Love It

Suck UK is a reputed old company which is known for delivering perfectly designed gifts, accessories and items for the homes since 1999.

Their dedication towards making their customers happy with their uniqueness, creativity and intelligence is well known and this is the reason why their customers return to shop their products.

Suck UK London has been creating outstanding range of products for international gift shops which are made available all around the world.

Best Suck UK Products & Accessories for Your Kitchen

Here we are talking about some of the best Suck UK products for your kitchen that are popular. The greatest thing about these products is its adorable designs.

And for this reason your kids will surely going to love them out. So why not check these here and buy few pieces at Amazon for making your kids happy.

Few products that I like while browsing Suck UK products for my kitchen are mentioned below. Although there are many more in their catalog, but I have added these to my kitchen and I loved using them.

Hope you will enjoy them too using them in your kitchen.

1- Suck UK Cookie Cutter

Suck UK has brought all types of excellent and fun gizmos over the years and Pac Man Cookie Cutters is one of their amazing products.

Also there are other Suck UK cookie cutter designs available such as 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters, Queen’s Head shaped Cookie Cutter, Cookie stamp – I Love You, 3D Safari Cookie Cutters, 3D Space Ships Cookie Cutters – Star Fighter, and more.

It can be said for sure that no kitchen is complete without at least two or three cookie cutters. Especially if you have kids in your home, these kitchen tools are something essential for you. Pac Man Cookie Cutters by Suck UK is a welcome addition to your baking arsenal and you should consider adding them for making your kids happy.

In order to celebrate 30th anniversary of the popular video game, Suck UK decided to enter into the cookie cutter market with their dazzling Pac Man cookie cutters.

The Pac Man Cookie Cutters are in the shape of the character and will certainly impress everyone who eats them. The officially licensed cookies cutters come in a pack of four. They include three ghosts and one Pac Man cookie cutter. They are made of food grade silicone material and are very easy to use and clean.

What I like most about these Suck UK Cookie Cutters is its perfect cutting.

It cuts cookies cleanly and perfectly. It is very easy to use. Since these are made of food grade silicone material is very safe to use. It is durable. It is dishwasher safe and cleaning is very easy.

Each pack contains 4 cookie cutters including one Pac Man shaped cookie cutter and three ghost character cookie cutters. They come in four colorful shapes.

These cutters are shaped just like the main characters from Pac Man, the yellow pellet muncher as well as those naughty ghosts, Inky, Binky and Pinky.

It’s really amazing to see Pac Man cookies. In the reverse of the package, cookie recipe is included. By simply pressing the Pac Man cutters into the cookie mixer, one can easily make these gaming icons.

Suck UK Pac Man Cookie Cutters pack is a great gift to your special friend. It is very reasonable and costs very less.

Do you know, it’s a scientific fact that cookies shaped like Pac Man taste more delicious than normal cookies. So liven up your child’s birthday party by baking Pac Man cookies.

2- Suck UK Salt and Pepper Bots

What I like about Suck UK Salt and Pepper ‘Bots is its great attractive look.

It looks like something out of sci-fic movie circa 1955. This vintage salt and pepper shakers enhances my retro kitchen look. Just wind these mini terminators and they will march towards your guests amazingly.

These adorable robots are ready to serve salt and pepper. What you have to do is simply fill in the shakers, wind them up and let them loose on your dining table. It is a great piece for retro kitchen.

It helps to get rid of stretching over dinner plate to reach the condiments. Few astonishing features of these salt and pepper robot shakers are:

Made of food grade silicone it is completely safe to use. Wind up mechanism allow the bots to travel across the table from one person to another. If you are in search for a unique gift for someone it can a great gift idea.

Winding them up, they will march across the table. Instead of passing the salt, wind them up and make them walk. If you want to stop the hassles of asking people to pass the salt, then these cute vintage salt and pepper shakers in the form of robots come in handy.

This terminator like robots will deliver themselves. Just wind them up and point them in the right direction and off. They will march to the destination perfectly. It really awesome and provide much fun.

The only thing which I don’t like about this vintage salt and pepper shakers is they are small and the reservoir for the salt and pepper is very small for a large family like mine.

Overall, Suck UK Salt and Pepper ‘Bots is an ideal way to flavor your meal and entertain guests at the same time, so you should get this in your kitchen as it’s a must have for all kitchens.

3- Suck UK Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle Opener

Are you a great ardent of pirates? It is because there is no fear or danger to encounter. Exactly and the pirate in the form of a corkscrew is an amazing product to use and enjoy a favorite drink at the end of the stressful day.

Yes, right! Suck UK legless Corkscrew Pirate bottle opener with a corkscrew is a perfect item in a handy way to add to the set of kitchen tools or carry on to your picnic or for your next adventure.

It is considered as the toughest pirate bottle opener made from stainless steel with an easy open lever. Besides this, Suck UK is also a foil cutter and a bottle opener with a black body of matt like finish.

As it is designed to give the look of a peg-legged dangerous pirate, it is the best working bottle opener to use and keep free from the corrosion or rusting over time.

The character of a pirate has made this legless corkscrew more attractive to grab and use as per the need. No need to fear about the safety of kids as this product is safe for the kids to use and be free from cuts and wounds.

4- SUCK UK 3D Shark Ice Mould

Kids love aquatic animals and a giant shark in an ice sculpture shape to add to drinks is an excellent product to purchase and enjoy during freezing and while adding to the favorite soft drinks.

Being made from a silicone material and designed to be level in your freezer, most of the kids are going crazy for this Suck UK Shark Ice Mould product that its large, impressive and attractive design lets the shark leap directly out of the glass with gaping mouths.

This 3D Ice mold in shark shape is an awesome gift to add more sparkle to the event and add a dash of entertainment to the party no matter it is a get together or a kid’s event.

Make a couple of them and submerge into a pitcher of your kid’s favorite drink or beverage and let the shark float silently in the drink looking threatening and geared up to jump on the fingers that are dipped in its place.

As soon as they begin to melt, the infested zone of the shark Ice Mould will be harmless letting you gallop the small pieces of ice in minutes. Try these Suck UK products and bring cheers to your kids face.

5- SUCK UK Robot Tin Lunch Box

A classic and stylish Tin Lunch Box in an attractive and amusing retro design is an awesome piece of kids to pack the sandwiches, essentials and fruits to enjoy during the break.

This Suck UK Robot Tin Lunch product is designed in the shape of a classic robot with a lot of space to carry your favorite snacks and lunch from home to school in a proper way with style.

Interestingly, this robot lunch box is a fabulous gift for your kids to replace the old plastic box and bags and carry to gain a good impression among the friends group.

The most advantageous feature of this Suck UK product is that its secure fold over clutch keeps everything secure and safe in its place.

For sure, your kids will appreciate this attractive robot design lunch box and feel excited to carry it every day to school and share lunch with friends. No matter of age as it is a perfect lunch box for small and big kids as well.

6- SUCK UK Robot Nut Cracker, Small Red

Are you very concerned about the nutcrackers and wish to maintain a safe set which is helpful in every task and very interesting in design?

Of course, based on which you have Suck UK Robot Nut Cracker which cracks hard nuts.

With this, it is observed that Robots are going to occupy an important place in the lives of people and around the home to cover the tough task in a better way.

This vintage inspired nut cracker helps you to crack the nuts after placing any of it in its belly and curl the provided key to crack and open the shell.

Being easy to use and crack the nut into pieces, you can use it without nay hassle for small to big hazelnut or a bigger size walnut.

Let your kids enjoy walnuts everyday with the use of this Suck UK Robot Nut Cracker at home made from the solid beach wood and finished with a shiny retro paint work.

For your choice and as a great addition to the kitchen tools for kids, choose in a small blue and large blue designs and crack the nuts.

7- SUCK UK Sugar Skull Tea Spoon

People who are very fond of hot drinks and beverages wish to have a spoon that helps to curb sugar consumption in the form of a gentle souvenir.

In that regard, you have SUCK UK Sugar Skull Spoon as a stirring reminder that extra sugar and more addition of it may prove bad for health.

Right! Skull shaped spoon which doesn’t hold more sugar is a perfect gift to those who consumes more sugar in tea and coffee.

Born from the happy realization, this simple and attractive skull shape spoon are a must to add to the kitchen tools as a perfect home accessory or to arrange on the dining table for the sugar fans to use while adding sugar to the cup of hot drink in less quantity as well.

Make it a little mischief to those who have a desire for Absinthe.

Besides this, if your kids are fonder of adding sugar to milk or soft drinks, then this SUCK UK lets the sugar fallout from the gaps and adds the left quantity to the cup.