Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Appliances Clean

Are you very much concerned about your kitchen appliances? Do you maintain health of your family with hygienic conditions and neat kitchen appliances? Of course! Cleaning the kitchen appliances in a thorough way is more essential to avoid any build up grime, grease or any sticky food particle on it. They don’t look dirty, but spoils the appliances as they have buttons, handles, switches where spilled mater of food accumulates easily.

As you know, every day a wide range of food recipes are prepared to make the dining table look yummy and delicious. Actually, the life of man is difficult and is full of efforts, if there are no kitchen appliances and to make them more durable, you need to keep them clean and neat for further and long use.

Kitchen Appliances Cleaning

Tips to maintain mixer food processor and blender

In order to clean them, you are advised to follow certain useful tips which are easy and very interesting to follow without any effort or expensive method.

  • When you use the above mentioned appliances, pop off the removable parts mostly the blades by soaking them in the sink which is filled with warm water and dish washing gel or liquid.
  • Carefully, wash the blender flask with warm and soapy water or clean the top rack of the dishwasher to avoid any stains on the flask.
  • Use a nylon brush to remove the dirt particles which are settled on the blades.
  • After cleaning, dry the washed parts thoroughly to prevent rust, stains.
  • You can dry the flask and blades with a clean cloth.
  • In case of the bases of the appliances, you can use a dampened cloth which is dissolved in dishwashing detergent liquid as it won’t damage the machinery and maintains them in a good way.

Coffeemaker and dishwasher

  • After using the coffee maker, remove the flask and soak in warm soapy water to clean and replace it.
  • Descale all the water deposits with two to three cups of water dissolved with equal quantity of white vinegar as this formula removes all the dirt and settled coffee cakes inside it.
  • To ensure that the vinegar is rinsed, you need to run the two cycles in the machine to remove the left-over vinegar in the coffee flask.
  • Always use a dry cloth to remove the excess water as every kitchen appliance needs proper and careful care to make them, look neat and new in every way all the time.

Maintenance of microwave and toaster oven

Most of the people show a lot of care for microwave oven as it regularly gives space for grime and bacteria as soon as it is emptied with cooked food. You need to place a few slices of lemon in the center of the oven and on it for 3 minutes. The produced steam will soften food spills as lemon aroma will perform dual work of softening and eliminating the odors completely. In case of Toaster oven, wipe the interiors with a wet cloth or a pastry brush which will give a clean look inside.


Either you cook or blend any of the food materials in the kitchen appliances, you need to keep them clean as it keeps your kitchen appliances clean and grime deposit free.