10 Best Vegetable Peeler Reviews (Types and Buying Guide)

A vegetable peeler is one of the most essential and helpful kitchen tools you should have. It is basically made up of stainless steel blades that are attached to wood, plastic or metal handle.

In general vegetable peeler is a device which makes the work of peeling carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and other raw vegetables really simpler and easier.

The best vegetable peeler is handy and helps to remove the skin of potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and other root vegetables as well as root skin. Although you can do the same task with a routine knife, but a vegetable peeler is more efficient and safer to remove the peels.

A fruit and vegetable hand peeler is fashioned to peel off the fruits and vegetable skins. Whether you are having a dinner party or few friends coming or just day to day peeling work in the kitchen, these vegetable peelers are great kitchen accessories to have in your kitchen.

With these best automatic vegetable peeler set the entire peeling job is done in jiffy because peeling now hardly takes time.

Without getting bored and tired (especially when that rigid vegetable peel refuses to come out), now all the vegetable and fruits peeling can be done really very fast.

Different Types of Vegetable Peeler for Easing Your Peeling Task

Peeling fruits and vegetables is quite an interesting task that gives lots of fun while cooking your favorite lip smacking dishes.

Besides this, every housewife and a chef likes to have the best vegetable peeler in the kitchen to start with the best dishes for the day. This makes the things easier to do and come out of the kitchen.

As to most of us using the knife is very painful and difficult to handle these vegetable peelers are most recommended. Go through the types of peelers and choose one which you feel to be perfect and good fit for your peeling and cooking tasks.

At shopping sites like Amazon you have more than 500 patented vegetable peelers to go through. You may consider some of the best and top rated ones which work well with high performance with potatoes, cucumber, beet-root and other vegetables.

These varieties of peelers are classified into three categories which are:

1- Y Peeler: Being the most noted and the choice of every homemaker, the design Y makes it look like a razor which is easy to peel the skin in an easy way. The action at first seems difficult, but as you continue, it makes the work easier and let you feel ideal vegetable peeler for the skinned vegetables.

2- Lancashire Peeler: This one is a traditional vegetable peeler which is operated manually. This one is best suitable for vegetables and fruits with thinner skin.

3- Electric Peeler: Electric vegetable peeler is a but perfect choice for vegetables and fruits like potato and apples. These are inexpensive to add to your simple collection of peelers in the kitchen and you can use it when you find manual peelers in-efficient or difficult to use.

4- Dalson Classic Aussie Peeler: This peeler is purposely recommended for thin skinned vegetables and fruits and distinguished as the best peeler with blade extension from the others. If you like to peel cucumber for salad in less time, then this works best and ideal for your peeling and cooking tasks.

Besides the above types of vegetable peelers you also have range of electric vegetable peelers which works automatically. These are easy to use as compared to handheld peelers. Few other vegetable peeler types include:

  • vegetable spaghetti peeler
  • spiral vegetable peeler
  • vegetable noodle peeler
  • vegetable pasta peeler
  • julienne vegetable peeler
  • finger vegetable peeler
  • serrated vegetable peeler
  • swiss vegetable peeler
  • commercial vegetable peeler

10 Best Vegetable Peeler Reviews

If you are very fond of peeling and are looking for the most amazing vegetable peeler which is sharp, easy to handle and presents a good range of motion, then you have different types of vegetable peelers in various designs to choose from.

Below we discuss 10 best designs and varieties which are available on Amazon at a very low price. Just check them out and pick the ones that best suits you.

1- OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

This stainless steel sharp blade peeler helps in peeling off vegetables and fruits without any effort. This oxo good grips Y peeler is easy to use and offer perfect grip while handling the peeler.

The handle is comfortable even after continuous use and offer long life to blades without losing its sharpness.  There is also a potato eye opener attached to this peeler that helps in removing and using vegetables to your benefit effortlessly.

With this vegetable peeler you can reduce the time spend in kitchen and have your time invested in something else. This peeler can be availed with manufacturer warranty for a lifetime and any replacement can be initiated directly by getting in touch with manufacturer directly.

This way you can enjoy peeling and cutting of vegetable and fruits without any efforts. You can also share your experience on using this oxo good grips peeler with the manufacturer through their page.

2- Kuhn Rikon 3-Set Original Swiss Peeler

This super sharp carbon steel blade that is sharper than any other peeler in market currently. This Kuhn rikon 3 set swiss peeler comes as a pair in three different colors.

This has a unique designed handle that is easy to use with your left or right hand. It does not slip away and you need not worry about hurting yourself while peeling vegetable or your favorite fruit.

There is a Y remover attached to this peeler that helps in removing potato eye and makes your peeling easier. This rikon peeler provides you with easy and hassle free cleaning.

It is recommended that you clean it with hand every day rather than dumping it to dish wash. It is attractive and brightly colored and peels off only the outer skin without taking away the nutrition from vegetable or fruits.

The blade is very sharp and you need to be careful to keep this peeler away from reach of children.

3- Zyliss Julienne Peeler, Y Peeler

Zyliss julienne peeler is your best friend for making carrot strings and zucchini noodles for daily use. With this peeler you can reduce your vegetable peeling and cutting time by half thereby reducing the time and energy you spend inside your kitchen every day.

The cutting blade is wide and stainless steel making it easier for you to deal with your vegetable and fruits. With this Zyliss peeler you can enjoy cutting and peeling making cooking enjoyable for you.

This peeler is easy to use and gives you longer life for blade even after continuous use. This Zyliss julienne peeler can be availed with a life time warranty on product from the manufacturer.

To know more details about this peeler and associated offer you can get in touch with manufacturer help desk. This peeler comes in vibrant colors which you can use for easy peeling and cutting for all veggies and fruits in your kitchen.

4- KitchenAid Euro Peeler

This swivel head blade peeler is tough and helps in your daily peeling activity easier. It comes with a tough and rust resistant blade that can be removed and cleaned after each use.

This kitchenaid euro peeler in red color ensures quality and longer life for your blade. The handle offer easy grip and lets you peel off vegetables and fruits without much effort.

This kitchenaid euro peeler is easy to store and is compactly designed for you to carry them easily. There is a plastic shield on top of this blade so as to protect this peeler while it is stored or not in use.

This kitchen friendly euro peeler is easy to clean and you also need not worry about any kind of dish wash being used.

It also comes with manufacturer warranty for life time and you can avail details on the same by getting in touch with manufacturer help desk.

5- KitchenAid Y Vegetable Peeler

This contour designed KitchenAid vegetable filler fits easily into your hand and helps you to peel off vegetables for your daily cooking easy and efficient. It has an integrated eye remover for potatoes.

Other than vegetables you can also use this peeler to remove outer cover of fruits. The storage option of this peeler provides you with a storage space to safe guard blade.

This will help in ensuring longer life for your peeler while also providing easy and hassle free cleaning option. It is dish wash friendly and you need not worry about cleaning process of this peeler.

With the stainless steel blade in this peeler you can use for longer period. This classic hand held peeler is available in red color and you can carry on with peeling vegetables or fruits while you carry on with continuing your other job.

You also get to enjoy manufacturer warranty for lifetime with this peeler.

6- Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Vegetable Peeler

This electric vegetable peeler helps you in peeling vegetables and fruits in the press of a button. It has robotized arms that help in adjusting peeler and peels of vegetables and fruits irrespective of its thickness.

Starfrit 93209 rotato express has a hand thumb knife that helps in removing eyes from vegetable and fruits. There is storage space below the rotato express that stores the peeled off vegetables and fruits.

There are four different storage compartments with spare blades attached that help in storage of peeled items. This vegetable peeler machine works with the help of battery that can be replaced or recharged as and when required.

With this rotato express peeler, it does not remove any kind of nutrition benefits from vegetable or fruits. It comes with a plastic knife and it helps in peeling off outer cover of vegetable or fruit without any effort.

This electric express peeler is also easy to install and use for your benefit.

7- Spring Chef Swivel Vegetable Peeler

This dual stainless vegetable peeler is easy to use and provides an easy solution to your peeling needs. The handle is smooth and non-slip providing complete grip while working.

This spring chef swivel vegetable peeler has stainless steel blades and stays sharp for longer time even after continuous use.

This Peeler 001 model does not clog while peeling and provide easy and neat cutting of fruits and vegetables. Yet another added benefit is that the handles are safe and allows you to use with both left and right hand.

It is also lightweight giving an innovative option to your vegetable peeling need. This way you can also ensure that you do not waste any fruit or vegetable while cutting.

There are dual steel blades attached to this vegetable peeler and give you an option to continue using vegetable clip for longer time. This spring chef swivel vegetable peeler can be used even with wet hands.

8- UberChef Premium Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler

Uberchef premium ultra-sharp stainless steel julienne peeler and vegetable peeler comes along with a cleaning brush letting you choose an easy option to vegetable and fruits peeling and then enjoy hassle free cleaning.

It is versatile and provides multi-function option to cut vegetables and fruits effortlessly. It is a must have for your kitchen. Although the edges are sharp and come with stainless steel sharp knife it is easy to handle and does not hurt you while you are on your peeling process.

This UC JP101 multi-function peeler helps you with vegetable peeling as well as garnishing option. You also get a cook book along with this peeler that can help you with easy recipes and appetizers that you can cook in fraction of time.

An added advantage of this julienne peeler is that it provides you with a life time warranty on its product.

9- Licok Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Ergonomically Designed

Licok Vegetable Peeler is not a not a traditional type vegetable and fruit peeler for your kitchen.

Rather it’s a retro styled ergonomic vegetable peeler which is most preferred in kitchen due to various benefits it offers.

What I like most about this potato peeler is its quality stainless steel metal blade and ergonomic handle. The metal blade is made of high quality stainless steel and attached to a quality plastic handle.

It is ergonomically designed that is shaped to fit the natural contours of a closed palm. The ergonomic handle is comfortable, durable and dishwasher safe. Thus, the hand is in its most natural position while gripping and using the peeler. Ergonomic design helps to reduce hand and wrist strain, even after a long use.

It is designed in such a way to peel the vegetable and fruits skin off very easily without wasting your time as well as your vegies and fruits.

Above all, this Japanese manufactured Licok Vegetable Peeler comes with 1 year replacement guarantee which makes it furthermore attractive to buy.

10- iPerfect Kitchen Tri Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

This kitchen tri blade vegetable spiralizer is made with strong and top quality resistant cutter that makes it easy for you to cut vegetables and make cooking easier. It is durable and is build with stainless steel blade that stays sharp even after continuous use.

This kitchen tri blade spiralizer comes with additional stainless steel blades that you can use based on your current requirement. This kitchen spiralizer is compactly designed and makes it easy to store in your kitchen cabinet at ease.

This vegetable cutter and spiralizer can also be used to make pasta or noodles at home for the health freak in you. Another added advantage of this vegetable cutter and spiralizer is that provides users with easy and hassle free cleaning option.

It is dish wash safe and you can remove each blade separately and clean after each use. There is a collection space where the cut vegetables or pasta get stored.

This kitchen tri blade vegetable cutter comes with life time manufacturer warranty and user can avail offer by getting in touch with manufacturer desk.

This vegetable cutter comes with interchangeable blades that are rust free and stay sharp. Other than vegetables and pasta, you can also use this kitchen spiralizer to cut fruits also.

Buying The Best Vegetable Peeler

Now that you know the types and significance of having a good vegetable peeler spiral in your kitchen, all you have to do is lookout for one that is best suited for your day to day tasks.

There are lots of brands that have introduced different functioning vegetable peelers for their consumers.

There are range of manual as well as electric vegetable peelers to perform various peeling jobs on vegetables and fruits.

It is advised to check out the best vegetable peeler reviews online before you make the final decision to buy any particular kind of veggies peeler for your kitchen.

For getting detailed information and price comparison we recommend taking the help of the websites such as Amazon, so that you can buy the best vegetable peeler machine as per your requirement.