Vegetable Peeler Types: Choosing A Best Handy Tool for Your Help in Kitchen

A vegetable peeler is one of the most essential and helpful kitchen tools you should have. It is basically made up of stainless steel blades that are attached to wood, plastic or metal handle.

In general vegetable peeler is a device which makes the work of peeling carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and other raw vegetables really simpler and easier. The best vegetable peeler is handy and helps to remove the skin of potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and other root vegetables as well as root skin. Although you can do the same task with a routine knife, but a vegetable peeler is more efficient and safer to remove the peels.

A fruit and vegetable hand peeler is fashioned to peel off the fruits and vegetable skins. Whether you are having a dinner party or few friends coming or just day to day peeling work in the kitchen, these vegetable peelers are great kitchen accessories to have in your kitchen.

With these best automatic vegetable peeler set the entire peeling job is done in jiffy because peeling now hardly takes time. Without getting bored and tired (especially when that rigid vegetable peel refuses to come out), now all the vegetable and fruits peeling can be done really very fast.

Different Types of Vegetable Peelers for Easing Your Peeling Task

Peeling fruits and vegetables is quite an interesting task that gives lots of fun while cooking your favorite lip smacking dishes. Besides this, every housewife and a chef likes to have the best vegetable peeler in the kitchen to start with the best dishes for the day. This makes the things easier to do and come out of the kitchen.

If you are very fond of peeling and are looking for the most amazing vegetable peeler which is sharp, easy to handle and presents a good range of motion, then you have different types of vegetable peelers in various designs to choose from.

As to most of us using the knife is very painful and difficult to handle these vegetable peelers are most recommended. Go through the types of peelers and choose one which you feel to be perfect and good fit for your peeling and cooking tasks.

At shopping sites like Amazon you have more than 500 patented vegetable peelers to go through. You may consider some of the best and top rated ones which work well with high performance with potatoes, cucumber, beet-root and other vegetables. The discussed 500 varieties of peelers are classified into three categories which are:

Y Peeler: Being the most noted and the choice of every homemaker, the design y makes it look like a razor which is easy to peel the skin in an easy way. The action at first seems difficult, but as you continue, it makes the work easier and let you feel ideal vegetable peeler for the skinned vegetables

Kyocera Ceramic Mega Peeler: This peeler is a huge but perfect choice for fruits and vegetables as it is made of ceramic and inexpensive to add to your simple collection of peelers in the kitchen and use for the purpose.

Dalson Classic Aussie Peeler: This peeler is purposely recommended for thin skinned vegetables and fruits and distinguished as the best peeler with blade extension from the others. If you like to peel the cucumber for salad in less time, then this works best and ideal for your peeling and cooking tasks.

Besides the above types of vegetable peelers you also have range of electric vegetable peelers which works automatically. These are easy to use as compared to handheld peelers. Few other vegetable peeler types include:

  • vegetable spaghetti peeler
  • spiral vegetable peeler
  • vegetable noodle peeler
  • vegetable pasta peeler
  • julienne vegetable peeler
  • finger vegetable peeler
  • serrated vegetable peeler
  • swiss vegetable peeler
  • commercial vegetable peeler

Why to Get An Ergonomic Vegetable Peeler for Your Kitchen?

What I like most about these peelers is its quality stainless steel metal blade and ergonomic handle. The metal blade is made of high quality stainless steel and attached to a quality plastic handle. It is ergonomically designed that is shaped to fit the natural contours of a closed palm.

Thus, the hand is in its most natural position while gripping and using the peeler. Ergonomic design helps to reduce hand and wrist strain, even after a long use.

A retro styled ergonomic vegetable peeler is most preferred in kitchen due to various benefits it offers. It is designed in such a way to peel the vegetable skin off easily.

Its sharp metal blade performs great function and it is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables. The ergonomic handle is comfortable, durable and dishwasher safe.

Buying The Best Vegetable Peeler

Now that you know the types and significance of having a good vegetable peeler in your kitchen, all you have to do is lookout for one that is best suited for your day to day tasks. There are lots of brands that have introduced different functioning vegetable peelers for their consumers.

There are range of manual as well as electric vegetable peelers to perform various peeling jobs on vegetables and fruits. It is advised to check out the best vegetable peeler reviews online before you make the final decision to buy any particular kind of veggies peeler for your kitchen.

For getting detailed information and price comparison we recommend taking the help of the websites such as Amazon, so that you can buy the best vegetable peeler as per your requirement.