How To Choose Best Vintage Stand Mixer for Your Retro Kitchen?

Stand mixer are generally used for mixing the ingredients together. Stand mixers are very versatile and functional. The multi-functionalities performed by these appliance makes the cooking for people an enjoyable experience at home.

These stand mixers are also available for commercial purposes with a major capacity. They have powerful motors fitted to the mixer for easy use in bigger commercial areas.

A home based stand mixer helps you to mix creams and egg whites and to create batter. They are very friendly for your kitchen and do not make a mess to your kitchen.

For household purpose, you can even go for vintage stand mixer that is not only very useful for cooking but also adds beauty to your kitchen.

Vintage Stand Mixer: A Great Helping Hand for Every Woman in Kitchen

Nowadays in mixing of ingredients or foods, vintage stand mixer plays a very important role in your kitchen. It enhances your quality of cooking and brings a smile on your face. They are especially favorable because of their quality, design and unique features.

Compared to hand model these mixers are very useful and friendly. Whether it is cookie batter or cake batter, vintage stand mixers provides you with excellent features for your perfect baking or cooking. It also helps you in mixing or blending for a long span of time without any extra effort.

Compared to other mixers vintage stand mixer easily fits into your kitchen cabinet and is thus convenient to store.

When we talk about mixing power or preparing any heavy batter then a vintage stand mixer is always preferable for a kitchen. These mixers go well with blending, beating or mixing which definitely gives a good and perfect result.

With the help of these stand mixers it saves extra cooking time and hence allows you to easily spend quality time with your family. Vintage stand mixer is really a superb item for your kitchen and you should definitely own one if you do not have it already.

Difference Between Stand Mixer and Blender

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The presence of many kitchen appliances in the market makes it too difficult to choose one among them.

The process of baking and mixing ingredients can be made easy with the help of a device called as stand mixer.

The blender is generally a device that can be used to make the mixing and blending easy.

In order to save your money and time, the differences that exist between blender and stand mixer should be understood.

Difference between a stand mixer and blender can be shown based on the following.

Use: Blenders are used in making smoothies, soup, milk shakes, fruit purees and for crushing. They cannot be used for work that need more power like kneading dough.

However the presence of different parts like beaters, flat beaters and the dough-hook makes the Stand mixer even more useful.

It can be used to knead dough, mix eggs, cakes, strokes and other stuffs. The other attachments provided along with the stand mixer aids you in making stuffing sausage, rolling pasta and making ice creams.

Speed and power: The Blenders are very slow and the stand mixers have great speeds compared to the blenders. Thus saving you good deal of time in cooking. You should definitely not use the blenders if the task require you to use the stand mixer!

On a similar note blenders have smaller motors and provide you with low power. But the stand mixer has larger motor and provides more power that can be used to achieve tougher tasks.

Appearance and structure: The blenders can be operated electrically and can be held by hand which makes it easy to be operated manually too.

But the Stand mixers are heavy and comes with a stand that carries the weight and can be operated only electrically. The advantageous part of the machine is that it can be left on its own when you are busy with some other work.

Cost: While purchasing any kitchen appliance, the factor that should be kept in mind is the price tag. Most of the time the price will be proportional directly to the size of the appliance.

Thus it can be easily said that the Stand mixers are costlier than the blenders. The use of big motors and additional features are yet another factors that increases the cost of the stand mixer.

Performance & Efficiency: Stand mixers are better than blenders in performance and efficiency for the reasons stated above. And as said above, try using stand mixers where you think that you require extra energy for cooking the food.

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt Stand Mixer Review

A Real Styling, Smart and Hi-tech Stand Mixer for Your Kitchen

Thinking of replacing your old mixer with something more advanced that can multi-task as well. Then there is no other brand that can compete with KitchenAid.

KitchenAid artisan design series 5-qt. stand mixeris my best recommendation when it comes to choosing KitchenAid standmixers. It provides you with many additional functions and innovative features to make it helpful tool for kitchen.

Throughout the years, KitchenAid is manufacturing high end stand mixers and other kitchen appliances that people just love to use. If you are seeking an ideal home stand mixer appliance that will certainly help you with array of mixing, juicing and grinding things then KitchenAid 5 Qt Artisan stand mixer is one of the best to go for.

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt. stand mixer is not like any other regular mixers. It has compact shape so that it can fit in your kitchen counter tops and tables easily.

Unlike other mixers, it doesn’t make your work messy like dripping, scattering, leaking etc. KitchenAid 5 quart artisan stand mixer has got two piece pouring shield which will prevent the mess.

In other words it offers quick, safe and clean mixing that comes with low maintenance.

Works Well For Domestic As Well As for Commercial Purposes

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer is a small beautiful looking mixer which works well for domestic as well as commercial purpose.

Whether you are looking for a new mixer to replace or you are putting up a new kitchen and having all the new appliances, you will be proud to have this KitchenAid KSM150PS Artisan 5 Qt. stand mixer in your area. The best features of this model include:

  • Ergonomically designed bowl handle that minimizes cramping
  • Die cast zinc aluminium housing
  • Large chute that makes it easy to add more ingredients
  • Planetary mixing action with 67 points, this avoids manual rotating
  • Two piece pouring shield avoids ingredient splatter
  • Direct drive transmission
  • Sliding speed control knob
  • Locking prevents bowl from moving
  • Multi-purpose attachment hub with hub cover to secure attachments
  • Beater height adjustment for fine tuning which prevents your bowl from scraping

According to KitchenAid artisan 5-qt. stand mixer reviews the best part about this stand mixer is its flexibility and convenience that if offers to its users.

Each component of this mixer is been well-designed specifically making your task in kitchen much simpler. You can use this product for any mixing, grinding, baking, whipping, juicing purpose.

The mixer is no rocket science to operate; anyone can start over and use it without any professional help. If you are concern about its cleaning or maintenance, then don’t be. This awesome stand mixer is easy to clean and maintain so you need not spend hours on cleaning. With just splash of water you are actually done!

Now if you are impressed with the features, let me tell you that this retro styled kitchen appliance is inexpensive, and is available in wide range of retro colors to choose from.

The appliance is widely available at your any nearest home appliance store or you can order it conveniently online at stores such as Amazon where it is available at discounted prices.

5 Things to Look At For Choosing Best Stand Mixer

Many kinds of stand mixers are available in the market that vary in size, structure and functionalities that make the selection process of one particular stand mixer so confusing.

Some tips are given below that will help you in making the decision of choosing the best stand mixer easy. The things that need to be considered are:

1- Room for storage: The stand mixers will vary in size and the larger one consumes much space. Some stand mixers have tilt back heads or an extra cabinet that will raise space constraints.

So before buying large stand mixers or even smaller ones, it should be checked whether the needed space is there for keeping the appliance.

2- Extend of use: The stand mixers can be used to whip butter and cream, to make cakes, cookies, brownies and granola. Even tougher works can be done with its help like in home bread making and working with pizza dough.

It can be even used for mixing dishes having ground meat and for smashing potatoes. In these cases high power is needed and stand mixers with large motors should be purchased.

3- Frequency of use: If the stand mixer is going to be used only occasionally, there is no need of buying stand mixers of great power and large motors. You can go with a cheap stand mixers which are easily available for frequent uses.

4- Volume of food to be processed at once: The volume of food that need to be processed at once should also be taken care. In the market the feature used to rate the stand mixer is its capacity and so the information about how many cups of flour can be processed at once is readily available.

Suppose you need a smaller mixer but you buy a large one or vice-verse then definitely you will end up with a mess.

Therefore, it is very important to look into the requirement first and then accordingly go for best price in the market. Such mixers do not require any replacement very soon in a way it also proves to be convenient.

5- Durability: When you are investing money on a kitchen appliance, the main thing that has to be taken care is the durability of the product.

The type of motor used, whether it is made of durable metal or something else is used in the construction should be checked.

The belts should not wear off by frequent use and the company should be able to support us well with their services. Take time to understand the needs and buy a stand mixer that will suit it and for sure it will be the best purchase.

Buying a perfect vintage stand mixer is a tough task to accomplish. However, it requires only small investment which you need not do again for years.

It is therefore essential that you determine properly about the stand mixers’ capacity, features, power, brand, guarantee, etc for making a best buy. First, look into your needs and then accordingly buy a best stand mixer that can suit your requirement for years to come.