How To Decorate A Kitchen With Black Appliances? 


By  Genelia

Believe me, color black can give an awesome appearance to the appliance or to the kitchen itself if used properly.

However while decorating your kitchen you need to take utmost care while selecting the accessories with black kitchen appliance packages.

Here are few tips you may follow:

Black kitchen
Black kitchen Theme

1- Match with white cleverly:

Kitchen color schemes with black appliances matters a most when decorating your kitchen.

Therefore make sure that the other colors you choose (for walls, curtains, furniture, flooring, etc.) suits well with the black kitchen appliances.

Never use dark colors for the walls, ceiling, etc. as it makes your place look darker and smaller.

As we all know black and white are the two opposite colors which matches very well, try to mix and match them wherever possible to make your kitchen look beautiful.

Black colored kitchen appliances looks awesome when placed in white or light colored background.

White colors when used like a chess board look great for flooring too and can be tried out.

2-Choose the countertop wisely:

Granite is a popular black stone that is used in the kitchen.

Although it gives a good finishing and looks shiny, if matched with black colored stainless steel finish appliances, cabinets and other kitchen décor items; makes your kitchen look completely dull and messy.

If you do not want granite, you can instead choose to have quartz, laminate, butcher-block, white marble, or stainless steel countertops that can easily enhance the look of your black appliances in the kitchen.

Just ensure that you choose a good reliable company to get these worktops installed very well so that you can enjoy its finish for decades.

3- Add good lightening and lamps:

Black color utensils or appliances looks brighter when there is enough light to fall on it.

Therefore while implementing the kitchen remodeling process make sure that you have enough lighting in your kitchen area so that your appliances in black does not look dull.

Incorporating some natural light flow in your kitchen through window blinds is also a great way to enhance the beauty of black kitchen appliances.

Whichever option you choose care that you never use the lights which have black fixtures as it may again look boring and dull with your chosen matte black stainless steel appliances.


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