The Best Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Makers: An Ideal Gift for Kids 


By  Genelia

During summers you often hold parties where everybody can enjoy the chilly drinks and relax.

This time you can make your party an instant hit with a guaranteed crowd-pleaser i.e. Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker Machines.

Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

Remember when we were kids and were so eager to have a cone with that sugary and icy topping that used to come in a paper cup.

Now, you can have this made at home without hassles and not just kids, adults too can enjoy them through this amazing snow cone machines.

Nostalgia retro snow cone maker machine can turn out to be a real treat for all summer parties.

In summer, people wanted to have something cool to chill out and what if it is sweet.

Well, this snow cone maker machine is exactly the item that you need which serves you ice cones on ready to serve base.

Nostalgia Electrics snow cone maker kit or cart can be an ideal gift for children on Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, and various other occasions.

On these occasions you can gift your children and family with the Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection of snow cone maker.

Believe me, they will surely love it!

5 Best Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Snow Maker Machines

Retro series Nostalgia kitchen appliances can be the ultimate choice for your home and kitchen and will surely bring happiness in your life.

In a short time, this machine serves many people at a time and fulfills the desire of perfect and tasty snow during the mood of the occasion.

Here we list down the best 5 Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Makers that are popular among users.

Check these best snow cone machines for home use and read the detailed reviews about them before you buy one for your kids.

1- Nostalgia Electrics SCM-502 Snow Maker Review

The snowmaker by Nostalgia Electrics SCM 502 can be another unique option, to create happiness in the family and to bring a great smile on the face of your guests during any family party or eve.

You can easily satisfy the need of the entire family with Nostalgia Electrics SCM-502 Vintage Collection Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker.

The capacity of 300 Oz helps to serve a number of people at a time in an easy way.

This desired vintage collection snow maker machine by Nostalgia is the best quality product that has come across in the market to satisfy the need of different people in a different way.

From plain and simple snow to flavored snow, it has covered a wide range for different people and different tastes without any default.

With the side tray system, one can easily handle the preparation and it makes the cleaning easy and fast after the use.

The total weight of the machine is 10.5 Ibs, which takes a corner position of your kitchen, and with the help of side tray one can easily prepare and distribute ice in no time.

2- Nostalgia Electrics RSM-602 Retro Series Snow Cone Maker Review

Nostalgia Electrics RSM-602 Retro Series Snow Cone Machine shaves ice cubes to your any frozen delicious treats.

All you need to do is put ice cubes into the machine and let the snow cone machine do the entire work.

Watch it how efficiently the machine turns the ice cubes into snow.

You can add your choice of flavored syrup to it and have this yummy icy cold treat.

With this, you can even prepare frozen fruit smoothies and yogurt snow and have a fun-filled party with everyone enjoying these delicious delicacies.

You are going to love this Nostalgia Electrics RSM-602 Retro Series Snow Cone Machine because of its efficient functioning that rapidly makes snow cones in minutes.

And most importantly as it is designed in retro style this is one of the best snow cone makers for home use.

The machine is also ideal for any outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and pool parties.

3- Nostalgia Electrics SCC399 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Cart Review

Nostalgia Electrics SCC399 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Cart is easy and simple to use the appliance in your kitchen which makes your kids happy.

You can use ice cubes from your freezer to shave and craft refreshing and attractive snow cones to bring smiles on your kid’s face on certain occasions.

The cart offers sleek and stylish in design which gives it a pleasing and attractive look to try and enjoy tasty snow cones and desserts.

It is designed in such a way that it has a storage compartment to syrups and a snow cone holder to store extra cones with other supplies.

Being an ideal appliance for your outdoor kitchen, it has tempered windows to remove the shaved ice.

This snow cone machine on wheels is resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, and rust.

It is equipped with a cup dispenser and a side tray for uninterrupted work.

Also it has a cart and wheels handle to move easily form one place to another.

This Nostalgia electrics snow cone cart is just 48 inches in height and perfect to use for the large groups, parties, and for the fundraising events.

It presents unlimited flavors in a wide range and the snow cones are really amazing to eat.

It also presents a recipe manual to grab more interesting ideas of ice shaving and making snow cone adding a delicious syrup of kid’s choice.

Overall the snow cone making cart is good to add to dessert treats or the chill beverages for a better flavor.

You should check the prices now on Amazon and order it to make your kids happy.

4- Nostalgia Electrics SCC200 Vintage Collection 53-Inch Snow Cone Cart Review

A delicious and cool treat with Nostalgia Electrics SCC200 Vintage Collection is something amazing to try and enjoy the taste and fun.

It is the best in the collection that uses 100w of power to create shaved ice from the ice cubes to add tasty and favorite syrups and more to make the event or the party exciting and joyful.

Being the best machine for snow cone lovers, it is a type of modern appliance to install for the special kid’s events and parties and create a lot of fun and joyful environment.

This snow cone maker machine is only 53 inches in height so that you can place this anywhere in your kitchen.

This is perfect for large groups and events as it shaves nearly 2 pounds of ice in very little time.

It comes with two storage compartments to store the extra supplies, cones, and syrups for immediate use.

Available with tempered windows and stainless steel shaving blades it also includes nearly 100 paper cones, 2 syrup bottles, a metal ice scoop, and 100 spoon straws.

This Nostalgia electrics snow cone cart is designed as per the North American Electrical Standards.

And for easy use it provides ample power to shave the ice from the ice cubes.

The cart is easy to move from one place to another through wheels and the material ensures durability and lets you watch the process of shaving the ice cubes.

5- Nostalgia SCM550COKE Coca-Cola Countertop Snow Cone Maker

To enhance your great time, you have Nostalgia Electrics SCM550COKE Coca-Cola Retro Series Single Snow Cone Maker w/Bonus that creates refreshing snow cones from your comfort place anytime.

Use freeze-up ice cubes to shave and add your choice of flavored syrup to enjoy a tasty and cool time with family and friends in the hot sun or during the dusk of the hot summer.

You can make fruit slush drinks, smoothies, and yogurt snow which is specifically designed for your kitchen or any location or to your clubhouse to utilize in events and get-togethers.

This snow cone maker for home use comes with an instruction book, accessories, and original box.

This Nostalgia snow cone maker presents re-usable plastic snow cone cups, a clear squeeze bottle, and four spoon straws.

It prepares 1 handful of snow cones at a single time and makes it quite easy to add your favorite fruit syrup which is available in the market.

Available with stainless steel cutting blades and a built-in safety switch, you can use normal size ice cubes.

Just use and make it your favorite appliance of the hot season to enjoy the yummy ice cones and desserts till the next season.

A Guide to Buying Snow Cone Machines

Since there are myriads of options to choose from, it’s not always easy to pick the right snow cone machine for your kids and family.

The points given below help you in choosing the best snow cone machine:

1- Size

It is suggested to buy a snow cone machine which you can accommodate in the space present in your kitchen.

Also, the size of the machine depends on the number of people you have to serve.

2- Speed

Different speeds feature in different snow cone machine.

At the time of summers, it really makes a difference when everyone wishes to cool the system.

You may see the snow melting before you can enjoy the ice treat if the machine is working slowly.

It is because the preparation of snow cones takes more time in summers.

Moreover, if you are looking for a snow cone machine for your business, then slow machines will be a problem for you.

Or even if you want to use it at home, then it is suggested to buy a machine that offers good speed.

A good buy for you would a machine that can make ten snow cones in a minute.

3- Material

If you are looking forward to buy a snow cone machine, the material plays a vital role here.

It determines the weight of the machine and its longevity also. The machine is either made of steel, or plastic.

The plastic machines are recommended for home usage as they may need to be a little portable.

But, if you want to buy it for your business, then go for a sturdy and strong steel material machine.

4- Simple to Use

In addition to above, the machine you are buying for making snow cones should be convenient to operate.

It is rather worthless to invest in machine which is hard to operate. After all, you are buying it to make your life simpler.

So, whether you want to buy it for home use or business purpose, choose machines which are simple to use.

Can You Make Snow Cones Without A Machine?

Yes, it’s pretty easy.

If you do not have a snow cone machine at home and do not plan to buy them soon, you can easily make some delicious personal snow cones using your kitchen blender.

For making the snow cones at home (without a machine) you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Crush the Ice

Crush some ice for snow cones in your blender.

Depending on the ice bits you want, larger or finer, you can blend the ice for a longer or shorter period of time

If you do not have a blender at home, you can even use a heavy-duty plastic bag.

Put some ice (or fresh, clean snow) into it and smash it with a hammer, rolling pin, or a tenderizing mallet.

Make sure, the snow is clean and free from impurities – if you are using fresh snow instead of ice.

Step 2. Scoop Crushed Ice in A Cup

After you have prepared the shaved ice for snow cones, its time to prepare a cone.

You can either use a paper cone or disposable cups like a paper cup, plastic cup, or a mug cup.

Using a serving spoon or an ice cream scoop in your kitchen you can fill the cup with crushed ice.

This way you can easily serve snow cones in a disposable way.

Step 3. Drizzle the Syrup Over Snow Cone

Finally, it’s time to add some flavors to your shaved ice in a snow cone.

You can have a variety of things for kids like:

  • Soda,
  • juice,
  • natural juice syrup,
  • sugar-free syrup,
  • chocolate syrup,
  • evaporated milk,
  • sweetened condensed milk, etc.

If you like, you can even top your snow cone with some fruit puree prepared using blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries.

For those who like Coke or Pepsi can even add concentrated syrup that is being added to carbonated water to create Coke/Pepsi.

Adults can even enjoy these snow cones by adding some Liqueur (a sweet alcoholic spirit).

Liqueurs like Frangelico, Grand Marnier, and Limoncello, etc. can add a potent flavor to your snow cones and are great for adults parties.

All these flavors and toppings can make a wonderful snow cone for any occasion.

How Much Syrup to Add?

You can add the flavors in a ratio of 1:2.

Means if you are making a cone with 2 scoops of crushed ice, add about 1 (not more than 2) tablespoon of flavor.

Make sure that you do not add too much of the flavoring to your frozen treat as it can cause the snow cone to melt quickly (to turn into slush cone) due to the temperature difference it has.

Overall, the Nostalgia Electrics snow cone kit is one of the best gifts for kids which you can get them on various occasions like Halloween, Birthday parties, Christmas, etc.

With these machines, your kids are going to enjoy the icy sweetness during any time of the year.

These are easy to use and maintain with Nostalgia Electrics snow cone maker instructions that can be found online and in your user’s manual guide.

These snow cones makers for sale are now available at online stores such as Amazon, at a very affordable cost.

So why not buy one of these best snow cone making machines online and make your kids super happy…


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